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Laina is a finnish word for a loan.

Extends payment plan for purchases of goods and services by allowing customers to pay for over a period of 3-9 months.

Our customers are both individuals and companies that have a good credit history.

Laina finance purchases devices available in our patner network. for example under samsung you will find all samsung branded devices available for purchases through Laina payment plan.

All payment plan decision are made instantly.

No , Laina does not have a shop, We only finance the purchase of item in the shops.

In order to know shops location please download our application or visit the Laina website or call our support call center number
Application :Google store -> Laina Finance Website : www.lainafinance.com/ Support Number : 0746 821 402

Yes we do ,available in our mobile application or website.

Yes, it is your right to receive a receipt before exiting the shop.

Yes, the top up amount will be paid directly to the retailer.

A penalty of 10% on a weekly basis accumulates from outstanding loans until the full amount is cleared.

We allow payment before your deadline and this is recommended because it boosts your credit score and allows you to upgrade to even better devices and you can also get other loans from other institutions.

Your payment is due 30days from the initial date of paying your first instalment.

You can make payments by using the mobile appt o see how muchyou need to pay and by use of mobile wallet transfer to the Laina account.

Yes, you can pay the instalments through any MNOs mobile wallets.

You will be allowed to go for another device after paying off in full the loan you owe.

Your good credit score allows you to qualify for higher amount loans from different institutions.

Resellers and brand owner are responsible for the performance and function under the warranty of the device ,Laina is only limited to finance.

If the device is stollen it doesn't remove your obligation to pay the loan.

Your information will be reported to the credit bureaus and the Central Bank of Tanzania which will ruin your credit score(reputation) and posibilities of getting access to loans in future also Laina may choose to lock your device.

Yes, the call center support number is 0746 821 402 or email queries at info@lainafinance.com.

Just send a text message to “0768 17 00 00” with a word “LAINA” and follow the next procedure which will be responded by LAINA after the text message.

Yes, through USSD system by dialing *150*47#.